Safe Solution

What others' are saying?

We were pleased with our use of our storage place. The premises were always clean and well maintain. Our access to the promises was easy. Always someone there to help if needed. Our experience was great. Thank you.



During and after snow storms we try our best to clear the snow, but with extreme weather conditions and constant melting and freezing of snow it creates sometimes slippery and icy conditions which may result in fall and injury. Please note we are in no way responsible for that. If you notice black ice or snow or sheet of ice around your unit please borrow shovel, snow melt and ice breaker from the front office.

If you are coming after hours please take shovel from around the dumpster or come during office hours.

Also please drive slow at speed of 5km within the facility. Any accident or damage to our property will be reported to police and damage has to be paid by tenant or related parties.