The Best Self Storage in Calgary

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Storage units have been the saviour for many for a long time. Things and furniture that they cannot keep at their place due to lack of space can be stored in these units. People rent these storage units for months or years together and these can be purchased depending upon the storage needs. Self storage in Calgary is well known and has been in business for a long time now. Right from renting out budget self storage for individuals and for commercial spaces, there are several storage companies that fit the bill. For instance, Peigan Trail Storage in Calgary is a well known name among people looking for residential and commercial storage solutions.

Storage options at Peigan
Each person would have a different storage need and Peigan understands the same. As far as residential and commercial storage spaces are concerned, it is well known that people want these items to be stored under good conditions so that they might be able to find a use for it in the future. The self storage in Calgary has both heating and non-heating options to choose from. Here is a list of storage options that are currently available with Peigan.

  • Bachelor suit:
    This storage has a dimension of 5’X10’ and is suitable for a bachelor’s apartment. This budget self storage unit can hold small furniture, closets, desks and chests in it. This comes with the heating option.
  • Small storage:
    With a dimension of 5’X5’, this small storage unit can be availed to store some old suitcases, important documents and files, old clothes and small furniture. This has both heating and non-heating options.
  • One bedroom apartment:
    The one bedroom apartment storage unit has a dimension of 10’X10’ and comes with heating. All items and furniture that usually fit a single bedroom apartment can be stored in this place.
  • Two bedroom apartment:
    This is a large storage unit and can hold items that fit in the two bedroom apartment. Having a dimension of 10’X15’, this storage unit can take chairs, sofa, refrigerators and other household items.
  • Three bedroom apartment:
    Since this is the largest storage option available, people rent this out mainly for commercial purposes. This is available at 10’X25’ and can hold the entire commercial inventory if needed.

Why to choose Peigan?
Needless to say, this question always arises in the end. To clear the queries regarding this and to make people understand why Peigan is an efficient self storage in Calgary, here is a list that can convince anyone.

  • Peigan offers heating and non-heating options for the storage units.
  • The storage units are affordable and well maintained.
  • Fit with surveillance camera for security reasons.
  • Interior of the storage units are well lit
  • Alarm systems available for each individual storage unit
  • Ground level entry for all units
  • Entry gate fit with keypad to enter the pin while entering
  • High ceiling options available for extra storage needs
  • Humidity and climate control on the inside

Peigan stands as a well known household name when it comes to storage units. Choose the best for all your storage needs.

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