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Every business requires a proper office space to carry out their work. Only if the place is proper, people involved in the work will be able to work efficiently. Apart from this, you need to understand that every business requires a storage space or a warehouse to store the products. As a small business holder, it is natural that you might be looking out for an affordable office space to carry out all your work. Unlike the big level businesses, the works that are being carried out by the small level businesses will take up only minimal space. Keeping this in mind, Peigan Trail Storage offers excellent storage solutions for all the small businesses in Calgary.

Peigan offers business storage in Calgary and thus you can see several small businesses operating their businesses directly from our business storage units. Apart from the personal storage spaces, our business storage solutions are of good quality and efficient to handle by the clients. Once you have given us the responsibility of taking care of your products or documents that you have stored in our warehouses and storage units, you never have to worry about them getting damaged, lost or stolen.

Peigan Trail Storage services
Having served a wide range of clients, we understand the need of each and every customer who comes to us for availing our services. Needless to say, our business storage in Calgary is loaded with all the right amenities to make sure that you get only the best from us.

For the small businesses, Peigan has two different storage unit sizes. One if the 10’ x 25’ locker and the other is the 10’ x 30’ locker. These are used as mini warehouses by our clients. Compared to all the storage unit sizes available at Peigan, these two mini warehouses are mostly used by the small business owners and the contractors. Choosing these storage units will help in reducing the overall storage cost that your business might incur, when you decide to take up services from other companies. The only difference between these two storage units is that, the 10’ x 30’ locker has two overhead doors.

Features of Peigan
Storage units available with Peigan are mostly chosen by companies to store their products that they need to ship out to their customers, like in the case of the online retailers. Our storage units are ideals for some of the top players in the market including Amazon and EBay PowerSellers. Our storage unit will be open from morning 6 till 10 in the night. Within this period of time, the companies have access to the inventories in the storage units.

Apart from the regular features that we have mentioned earlier, here is the list of features that helps Peigan to be the best when it comes to offering business storage in Calgary.

  • Secure and climate controlled storage units, which can be accessed only by the person availing the storage unit
  • Full time maintenance for all the storage units
  • All the storage units are affordable

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