How to protect your storage unit from pests

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Does anyone like pests in their storage units? Absolutely no one can bear them because they are icky and cause damage to the stored goods. To take a revenge on these nasty bugs, we have to take certain protective measures in order to protect your personal storage unit in Calgary.

Here are few tips that will be useful for protecting your storage units from insects and bugs.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Make sure that your storage unit is clean and away from trash cans.
  • Avoid the idea to store food in the storage units because it is easy for the pests to smell and detect the food items and they make their own way to reach it.
  • Although the floor of your storage unit is neat and clean, make sure that you spray pest controlling liquid regularly.
  • Check whether your storage unit contains any cracks or holes because even a chink on the wall is ample for pests to crawl into it and damage your items in the storage. So get it repaired as soon as possible.
  • Accessing your storage unit in daylight hours helps you to have finer eyesight to find out what kind of insects and pests are present in and around the unit.
  • Keep your furniture and other items wrapped safely and spray some insecticides and pesticides around them so that there is no chance for pests to damage it.
  • Keep the door of your storage unit closed and sealed when you are not accessing the items so that pests won’t invite themselves in.
  • Don’t keep any hazardous and explosive materials inside the storage unit.

Things that should not be stored in a storage unit:

There are some items that you cannot simply put in a storage unit either because there aren’t safe to have them in communal places, or they are listed regarding policy as prohibited.

  • Dangerous chemicals and toxic materials.
  • You are not allowed to store any kind of weapons inside the storage unit.
  • Miscellaneous things such as living plants, animals, generators and freezers are not allowed to put inside a storage unit.

Perishable food items:

Perishable food items include fruits, vegetables, canned foods, meat, cereals and dairy products are not allowed to store because of unsuitable climatic conditions or even they may attract insects and pests.

Rodent-Proof Packing:

Rodents are the mammals such as mice, rats, squirrels, hamsters and pigs. They will cause a huge damage to the furniture and others items which or stored in a personal storage unit. To protect from them, we have to take certain precautionary and safety measures.

  • We have to use certain rodent traps around the inner perimeter of a storage unit or near doors and outside of a storage unit. There are traps such as electric trap, glue trap, live trap and bait station to capture the rodents and keep the items safe.
  • We have to pack the items properly such that there will be no allowance of rodents to damage them.

There are certain affordable storage units in Calgary such as personal storage unit Calgary portable storage units and business storage units. What kind of storage unit it may be we have to be capable of maintaining it and especially for the business oriented storage units we have to make its interior alluring enough to attract the customers; ultimately satisfying them completely.

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